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Walid Al-Ammari

Director of the Department of fabrics
Salem Hassan Amari Sons Co.

Hassan Salem Al Ammari Sons Co

Thank you Atalaltkm on our official stores Amari
Our in your hands to know our fabrics available, as well as to serve you to learn on fabrics and by virtue of our
experience in this field we have provided page for queries and counseling to choose the right fabrics,
especially fabrics abayas, subtracting, colors fashion as well as the site serves anyone who wants to start a business venture for fabrics
We hope to have our site to your satisfaction and Atbouklo us any notice or complaint through the Customers
page views You and me and the total Sons Hassan Salem Al Ammari sincere thanks and appreciation


زياره رئيس لجنة الاقمشة بالغرفه التجاريه
زياره الاعلامي بسام فتيني لمحلات العماري
زوار محلات العماري بمعرض شباب الاعمال
زوار محلات العماري بمعرض شباب الاعمال

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